“Americans are not going to follow guidance no matter how sensible it might be”

Will Cain, filling in for Brian Kilmeade, followed up on the notion of wearing a mask with his family.

“I’m not ready to start wearing a mask around my family,” the Fox & Friends Weekend co-host chimed in. “I don’t know what we will call it, individual spirit, but I’m not going to be putting on a mask around my family on any.

Doocy immediately and quite responsibly interrupted, explaining to Cain what Birx was saying. “Think about that you go out at grandma’s house and you come home, and Dr. Birx says if you have in your community people over 65, you have got to protect them.” He added, “You would hate to have somebody my age give to somebody a little older or vice versa, whereas they are just saying just be safe.”