The Obama media is back

The big Joe Biden story right now is – wait for it – that he and his wife will not only be bringing their dogs to the White House, but they’re getting a cat too. I hope whoever broke this blockbuster story has room on their shelves for a Pulitzer, but likely a Nobel Prize too. There is no reporting category for the Nobels, but Obama proved that accomplishments relevant to a category are irrelevant when it comes to awarding them.

Maybe Jill Biden will win a Nobel for medicine? Leftists insist on calling her “doctor Jill,” after all, and because of that, Whoopi Goldberg declared “she’s a hell of a doctor,” while publicly wishing she’d become US Surgeon General. Of course, if someone you loved had a medical emergency, the last person you’d want to turn to for help is Jill Biden, who has a Ph.D. in education, not medicine, and just goes by “Dr. Jill” because she shares the same level of insecurity as her husband and a compliant press plays along.

But the Pulitzer, the Murrow, the Cronkite, and whatever other awards journalists give themselves for investigative reporting, and there are a lot (as I wrote in my book, journalism is the only industry that gives itself more awards than Hollywood), has to be reserved for the Daily Beast.