Hispanic support for Republicans growing as Democrats move leftward

Why are Hispanics moving to Republicans? Hispanics are more conservative than Democratic base voters.

In OMI’s August national survey, 41% of Democrats said they consider themselves liberal versus 23% of Hispanics. In addition, 11% of Democrats call themselves conservative versus 38% of Hispanics.

On top of this, 26% of Democrats call themselves pro-life versus 53% of Hispanics. And 13% of Democrats favor the National Rifle Association versus 47% of Hispanics.

These results show that nearly half of Hispanics are out of step with Democratic orthodoxy.

In OMI’s August 2019 Florida poll, 34% of Democrats favored America retaining capitalism over becoming socialist. However, only 18% of Hispanics favored socialism versus 64% for capitalism. In OMI’s August 2020 national survey, 50% of Hispanics agreed that Democrats “have strongly embraced socialism” and want “to make America as socialist as most European countries.”