Biden cabinet picks are setting presidency up to be "Swamp Things 2"

Some conservatives may breathe a little sigh of relief that the Biden administration is apparently committed to doing nothing interesting. Complain if you like about Janet Yellen, she isn’t going to join AOC in waving the red flag with the Socialist International. On the other hand, even as the Democrats’ left wing is disappointed, Republicans looking for bipartisan progress on issues of critical national importance are likely to be disappointed as well by this same-old, same-old approach.

This is Swamp Things 2, the sequel, and the original wasn’t all that great.

John Kerry stunk on ice as secretary of state — on the other hand, Biden might have accomplished a little something on climate by tapping instead someone like Christine Todd Whitman, a green-friendly Republican who could at least have a meaningful conversation with the congressional Republicans whom Biden will need for any stable, consensus-based climate program. There is much in our financial system that still needs reform, and very little reason to think that Janet Yellen is going to now — suddenly — become the one to do it. The Obama national-security team fell down on the job all too often, and now a veteran of that mess, Avril Haines, will be director of national intelligence.