12 bogus voter fraud claims debunked

Giuliani also claimed there were multiple Wisconsin precincts with more voters than were registered. This claim would also be easily verifiable, but it was false. It appears they were looking at registration numbers from the 2018 midterms and comparing them to voters in the 2020 election turnout. There were also claims that Wisconsin voter turnout was unusually or unreasonably high, but that’s because the comparisons often used registration numbers that didn’t account for Wisconsin allowing for registrations on election day.

Another popular claim that has gone viral is that Biden only improved on Hillary’s margins in 4 major cities so it would be impossible for him to have done much better than her. National Review’s Dan Mclaughlin does an excellent job debunking this claim. Dan looked at 36 counties incorporating large cities across the country (excluding New York and California since those states were still counting votes), and found Biden improved over Hillary’s margin in 31 of them. Biden’s growth overwhelmingly came from suburbs surrounding these cities.