Top physician says U.S. health care system at "point of potential collapse"

Wen went on to explain that there was a lag time involved in finding out how many people become infected over the Thanksgiving holiday, with a delay in those affected being diagnosed.

“People who are getting infected right now—we’re probably going to be detecting these infections in about two weeks’ time and then we’re going to see the hospitalizations and ICU visits from that a week or two weeks after that,” Wen said.

“My advice to everyone again: do your best not to gather right now. But if you have already traveled and are returning back to your home community, know that you are at high risk because not just the high risk of the actual travel, but because you gathered with other people and so quarantine for at least seven days and then get tested.

“If you don’t have ready access to testing, quarantine for 14 days. Our health care system cannot withstand it and so we need to all do our part to flatten that curve,” Wen said.