"If anything, we are rounding the corner into a calamity"

“If anything, we are rounding the corner into a calamity,” Wen said. “We’re soon going to exceed well more than 2,000 deaths, maybe 3,000, 4,000 deaths every single day here in the US.”

That projection has been echoed by other experts including Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a professor of medicine at George Washington University, who predicts the country’s daily death toll will likely double in just the next 10 days…

To prevent further spread of the virus, everyone who traveled and was in gatherings with people outside of their household should quarantine, Wen said.

“That’s because those gatherings, in particular indoor gatherings with many people who are not wearing masks for prolonged periods of time, those are the highest risk for transmitting coronavirus,” she said Friday. “Quarantine for at least seven days and then get tested.”