SCOTUS's virus ruling is a warning to governors

Less stringent 25-person capacity restrictions, also rejected by the Supreme Court’s decision, are still in place in six other counties, including Richmond County on Staten Island.

Legal experts say the court’s ruling could be used to challenge those and other rules elsewhere. “The decision is applicable to people in similar situations,” said Norman Siegel, a constitutional lawyer and former leader of the New York Civil Liberties Union. “It’s applicable to any synagogue, any church, to any mosque, to any religious setting.”

Still, Beth Garvey, Mr. Cuomo’s counsel, said that the state believed the court’s opinion affected only the now-lapsed restrictions in Brooklyn, and that the rules in the other six zones would remain intact.

She said that officials would “be looking around the state at the other zones” while also suggesting the state would continue to argue its case in the lower courts.