And the 2020 winner is ... dangerous distrust

It all depends on who wins an election, of course, as to how the voters’ trust numbers skew. For example, four years ago, just 43 percent of Democrats believed that the presidential election was fair. And unlike 2020, which took several days to decide, the 2016 race was officially called less than eight hours after the first polls closed.
In a related development, after a daily downpour of coverage in 2016 which heavily implied that Donald Trump was elected only because the Russians made it so, two out of three Democrats said Russia tampered with vote tallies on Election Day in 2016 to push Trump over the finish line. And now, in 2020, 68 percent of Republicans have concerns about a “rigged” vote-counting process favoring President-elect Biden.

This is dangerous stuff. Here we have two straight elections where basically half the country believes the guy who won is illegitimate and/or cheated.

One thing that lucid, objective people can agree on – forget the blind partisans who have an agenda benefiting only their party, one which has nothing to do with what’s right or wrong – is that today’s voting system is built to sow doubt.