Team Trump's embarrassingly bad legal case in Pennsylvania

When asked by the Trump campaign for permission to amend their complaint again, the judge said no. Enough is enough, he likely figured. Perhaps in recognition of how weak their arguments are, Trump’s lawyers only appealed that part of the opinion to the Third Circuit, which is likely to summarily back the trial court’s refusal to allow a new round of pleadings. The rules give the trial judge loads of discretion stop this political shell game.

Straining their core competence even further, Trump’s lawyers—yet another set—have asked the appellate court for a temporary restraining order, which only the lower court can provide. Final grade for this ragtag band of would-be lawyers is a resounding “F.”

The chance that the Supreme Court will step in and ignore the facts, ignore the law, and ignore the governing procedural rules to snatch the election from Joe Biden and the American people and hand it to Donald Trump is zero.

I suppose that’s something to be thankful for this week.