Never Trumpers know Trump has taken over the GOP, but they're staying to fight

“We need a responsible center-right party in this country, but what we’re looking at isn’t it,” Longwell said. She described “the vast majority” of Republicans in Congress as acting in a “deeply irresponsible” manner.

When asked about a 2024 Trump run, Steele cautioned the country about re-electing Trump. “Woe to the country,” he said, asserting that his position against Trump is not in opposition to his political party. Instead, Steele expressed disgust with the president and his policies.

“This is not anti-Republican party,” he said, noting that he still supports many GOP leaders. “What I do not support is Donald Trump. And I do not support the brand of bulls–t—I can’t put it any other way—that he has brought into the party. Because it is not real. It is fake. The most fake thing of the last four years has been Donald Trump pretending to be a president.”