Georgia's pro-Trump secretary of state now a pariah inside the GOP

Though Raffensperger’s refusal to humor Trump’s dubious demands has won him plaudits from many around the country, it’s had the opposite effect among Republicans in Georgia, some of whom say the soft-spoken, 65-year-old who once harbored ambitions to run for governor has written his own political obituary.

“If you can find someone who’s 18 years old and has a pulse who says they support Donald Trump, he’s going to beat Brad in the primary in 2022,” said one former Republican elected official and longtime activist in Georgia. “I don’t see how he can survive politically.”

One GOP operative who spoke to CNN wondered if Raffensperger — a successful businessman who spent an unprecedented $3 million of his own money on his 2018 race — will even run for reelection in two years…

“The GOP wants a fall guy for Georgia, and (Raffensperger) will be it,” said Erick Erickson, a talk-radio host on Atlanta’s WSB station and longtime conservative activist.