Rejoining the WHO will be Joe Biden’s first mistake as president

The truth is China is going rogue. Since the escape of COVID-19 from China’s borders, and with the blessing of American institutions like the New York Times and the complicity of WHO leadership, China has become more belligerent on the world stage. It has moved against democratic Hong Kong. It has adopted an aggressive stance against the US at the United Nations. It criticized police brutality in America over the summer. (Don’t mention the Uighurs).

A rational American foreign policy would continue to seek to counter Chinese influence over the UN’s Human Rights Council and the rest of the world as America has sought to do with Mike Pompeo as secretary of state.

But the incoming president just doesn’t recognize the global menace China poses or the way in which it manipulates supposedly supra-national organizations such as the WHO.

It’s not necessarily that Joe Biden has a nefarious bias toward China or the WHO. The problem is that that he represents a global intelligentsia that believes the United States must cooperate with these corrupt organizations and hostile regimes because that’s just how it’s always been done.