Businesses in California display "do not comply" signs after Newsom orders curfew

With no prospect of enforcement, some businesses may simply continue to operate as before. “Do not comply” signs which detail the impact of COVID restrictions on trade have been placed in the windows of some businesses in the city of Placerville, in El Dorado County, CBS 13 reported.

The owner of the Enchanted Forest restaurant, Kaitlyn Keyt, told the affiliate she had invested in COVID safe outdoor eating pods but would suffer under the new restrictions.

“It’s not just the restaurant, it’s a lot of lives. It’s all the employees, it’s the families so many people are impacted,” she said.

In neighboring Folsom City, in Sacramento County, owner of the business Smart Axe, Jim Corbett told CBS 13: “Everybody that’s out wants to be out and they’re not going to really worry about a curfew, especially since no one’s going to enforce it.”