Georgia on not enough minds

News outlets note that Republicans hold a $28 million ad advantage in the race. That won’t last. This cycle overall featured Democrats crushing Republicans on the money front—and every outside group and billionaire behind that effort is now roaring into Georgia. Media mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg has already hosted an online fundraiser for Messrs. Warnock and Ossoff. Ms. Abrams alone raised them $10 million in four days. ActBlue, the left’s online fundraising platform, is soliciting money nationwide.

But the biggest risk is that Republican base. The GOP is optimistic it can win back suburban and older voters who feel conflicted about Mr. Trump but still want a check on progressives. None of that will matter if GOP voters in rural and exurban areas stay home, angry or frustrated by the presidential election.

And will Mr. Trump engage? It’s certainly in his interest, if he plans to continue being involved in Republican politics. Win or lose recounts, he should want to be able to claim credit for a Georgia victory. And he might remind his supporters that he, and they, worked too hard the past four years to implement sound conservative policy to have it reversed by the Schumer brigades.