Stephen Moore: It's depressing, but it looks like Biden won

“It is what it is,” Stephen Moore, an official Trump 2020 surrogate and an outside adviser to the president on economic and COVID-19 policy, told The Daily Beast on Wednesday evening. “It’s very depressing to me. I would say there’s maybe a 20 percent chance that [Trump’s legal challenges] all will work out. I am convinced the president would have won if the election was a week later than it was…I support using every avenue of legal challenge, but I’m skeptical it’s gonna work.”

Moore, a longtime conservative economist, said that he’s “not a lawyer,” and doesn’t know if Trump’s legal team, headed by Rudy Giuliani, have any “bombshells” coming. But he added that he doubts they’d be able to “prove” anything that would overturn the election results by certification deadlines.

Because of that hurdle, Moore said President Trump should turn his attention to making sure there are “no blue-state bailouts” on his watch at this stage of the coronavirus and economic crisis, and to ensure there is “no increase in unemployment benefits.” Also, Moore encouraged Trump to “get as many executive orders out the door as possible…and use his remaining powers to leave with a bang on regulatory changes, and on [non-political] pardons and clemencies…[and on protecting] the oil and gas industry.”