Dems' message to left: Thank you for voting and get out

Anti-Trump vote-shaming appears to have proved effective. We don’t have data on progressive turnout yet, but we know that Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins managed only 0.25% of the vote—less than one-fourth the 2016 share and so little that the party may have trouble obtaining ballot access in future elections.

It’s clear Mr. Biden’s strategy of appealing to anti-Trump Republicans—of which I was skeptical during the campaign—worked. And contrary to their image, progressives are realists. Two to four years from now, they’ll understand that Mitch McConnell’s Senate stood in the way of significant progressive legislation.

What they won’t accept is being scapegoated. The election makes the party’s deep division between centrists and progressives much worse. Centrists told progressives they’d be welcomed into the big tent if they played nice. Progressives did everything they were asked, yet are being insulted and reviled as much as before. How much more abuse are they willing to take?