All the president's "guys"

Rob Goldstone is a Trump Guy, a member of a fraternity of oddballs, attention hounds and hapless bagmen who never would have come within 100 yards of presidential affairs under normal circumstances — but who now, thanks to Trump, will remain part of history long after we forget their names. Scaramucci. Lewandowski. Omarosa. Seb Gorka. Carter Page. Mike Lindell and his company, My Pillow. Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas and his old company, Fraud Guarantee.

It can be hard to keep track of all the bit players in the Trump show, and the next administration seems more likely to mark a return to a relatively dull parade of experts and bureaucrats. So, while we still can, let’s remember some Trump Guys.

Trump Guys are largely responsible for our current reality. The general election of 2016 began with a Guy, Goldstone, peddling info on Clinton, and the 2020 campaign ended with another Guy, Tony Bobulinski, offering the same on Joe Biden. Over the past four years, Trump Guys have played key roles in a special counsel investigation, an impeachment and, most recently, an election-fraud scavenger hunt behind Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia.

Their experiences also offer a prophecy of what life might be like for all of us once Trump is out of our lives: You can never really get back to the way things were before he shook up your world.