Lindsey Graham is the worst

Lindsey Graham seems not to care that liberal self-governance is a fragile system. And this can’t be a case of ignorance: Graham knows better. After all, he spent much of his political life fighting with John McCain for people in countries who do not have democratic rule.

But what if even that previous incarnation of Graham was a facade, too? Because knowing what we do now about Graham, it seems possible—likely, even—that his association with McCain was based on rank opportunism, too. After all, McCain was a heavy hitter. His advice was sought from people in all corners of our government and democratic governments around the world. He was the party’s standard bearer in 2008 and was, by universal acclaim, a national treasure. Perhaps Graham’s association with him was just the easiest route to Graham becoming “relevant.”

What several years ago was a head scratching question—What happened to Lindsey Graham?—is now pretty clear. For Graham, being a United States Senator isn’t about helping Americans or advancing principles. It’s about swimming in the pool of power and feeding off the scraps the big fish leave behind. In short: Lindsey Graham is everything that’s wrong with our political system.