Wisconsin completes canvass, Biden leads by 20,612

JUST IN: Wisconsin has completed its statewide vote canvass and found Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by 20,612 votes according to the AP

The Trump campaign now has until 5PM tomorrow to file a petition for a statewide recount (Trump and his campaign surrogates have repeatedly stated their intent to), according to the AP, as well as the $7.9 million needed to conduct it.

The WI Elections Commission said yesterday that the $8 million fee must be paid up front in order for the statewide recount to proceed. This morning though Trump’s spokeswoman Erin Perrine on Fox News did not say whether the campaign planned to pay it

Wisconsin has completed its vote canvass of all 72 counties, opening the door for President Donald Trump to file a recount request. Trump has until tomorrow at 5PM to do so and to pay the $7.9M it will cost