The reconstructed narrative

Viewers are in open revolt against Fox News because it called Arizona too soon — nevermind that Joe Biden actually won Arizona. Fox News had the audacity of being right too soon.

In Georgia, Republicans are tearing apart their unity, their party, their state, and handing the Senate to Chuck Schumer because the Secretary of State isn’t willing to embrace a bunch of lies about the election.

Anyone who points out conservatives are believing conspiracies and lies has to be shunned, condemned, or purged. In Pennsylvania, the President’s lawyers retracted all of Rudy Giuliani’s outlandish claims about the 686,000 voters. But the President says his lawsuit continues and don’t believe the lies about the lawsuit. You can read the lawsuit for yourself. Here is a screenshot showing you they deleted their first and chief complaint. You can see the withdrawn allegations yourself.

But conservatives have chosen to worship the golden calf instead of the truth. Conservatives are the ones asking, “What is truth.”