NYC’s school leaders fail poor children even as they cry about "equity"

Through all of this comedy of errors, the political and educational establishment in New York is still cloaking its decision-making process in the exalted language of equity, inclusion and combating privilege. There is no gentle way to say this, though: The people who are about to shutter New York schools should never mouth those words again.

It is the comparatively disadvantaged — the poor, the broken-familied, kids with special needs — who are hammered hardest by the disruptive, logistically caddywhompus, alienating and educationally piss-poor system of remote learning.

My family will adapt. (Hey, look, the 5-year-olds are learning French five feet away from me!) But most don’t have my options. I don’t want to hear one word about my “privilege” again from the people who are consciously making the anti-scientific, politically driven decision to deny basic equitable ­opportunity for poorer families.

You people should be ashamed of yourselves — and in a just world, would be driven far away from public life.

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