Fact check: The U.S. military has not seized election servers in Germany

Scytl (here), headquartered in Barcelona, delivers election modernisation projects for the US elections, including but not limited to online election worker training, electronic ballot delivery for remote voters and real time online visualisation of electoral results (here). The Scytl website shows that the company has eight offices around the world but none in Germany (www.scytl.com/en/contact/).

Scytl published a statement on its website (here) refuting all of the claims made in the article and social media posts: “Following several erroneous statements that have been published in digital and social media, Scytl would like to clarify the following […] The technologies implemented by Scytl in the US are both hosted and managed within the US, by a local subsidiary, SOE Software, based in Tampa, Florida; We do not tabulate, tally or count votes in the US; We do not have servers or offices in Frankfurt; The US army has not seized anything from Scytl in Barcelona, Frankfurt or anywhere else.”