Lack of influence means it's time to dismiss the Lincoln Project

The #NeverTrump group includes former 2008 McCain presidential campaign manager Steve Schmidt, “Republican strategist” Rick Wilson and George Conway, the husband of former Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway. Overall, the group spent more than $67 million in an attempt to impact various 2020 races.

Result: President Trump received more votes than any Republican in history, amassing more than 73 million votes and breaking the previous GOP record he set in 2016. As far as biting into Trump’s base, which apparently was the “Republican” group’s core mission, the president received support from 91 percent of Republicans, according to a Fox News voter analysis, up from four years ago. Whoops.

But the real failure occurred in the Senate results, where the Lincoln Project threw $12 million at seven Democratic candidates in key races in an effort to flip the chamber back to the Democrats. Final score on that front: Republicans 7, Democrats 0.

Those targeted by the group included Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), who won by 9 points despite no polls showing her ahead on Election Day. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) also was a rich target for the Lincoln Project and was said to be in trouble; he won by almost 10 points.