How Democrats tried to handcuff Trump from the start

John Dowd, a defense lawyer who represented Mr. Trump in the Russia probe, told The Washington Times that Democrats “trashed” the president’s efforts to form his first administration.

“It does not lie in the mouths of Democrats and their media cousins to insist on regular order and transition before the certification of the election results when they trashed, demonized, undermined and obstructed the lawful efforts of President Trump and his colleagues to form an administration to serve the American people in 2017,” Mr. Dowd said. “No president has been treated so poorly and unlawfully by the opposition, the deep state and the fake media.”

During the transition and afterward, Democrats repeatedly accused Mr. Trump and his campaign of conspiring with the Kremlin to hack Democratic computers and release internal emails. They relied greatly on their paid-for dossier from the Kremlin, which has been shown to be false.

Newly declassified intelligence papers show that Mrs. Clinton made a decision in late July to pin the Russian interference on Mr. Trump. Special counsel Robert Mueller concluded in March 2019 that he could not establish such a conspiracy took place.