Why Biden didn’t do better in big cities

Trump improved on his performance in urban areas in part because he did better in mostly white, working-class precincts where he ran strongly four years ago. And in some places, Trump also picked up slightly more votes in neighborhoods with large Latino populations and, to a lesser degree, majority-Black communities.

The results aren’t enough to signal a GOP resurgence in urban America — Biden won overwhelmingly in most big cities. But when paired with Trump expectation-defying performance in predominantly Latino areas in south Texas and Florida, it’s a warning sign for the Democratic Party in the years ahead.

“Trump did better than I thought he was going to do,” said former Pennsylvania Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell, also an ex-Philadelphia mayor. “There was a backlash, I think nationwide, among people who were afraid of the riots and afraid of what they saw and afraid of this ‘defund the police’ stuff, which, although we tried to debunk, we didn’t debunk enough.”