Republicans never gave Obama a chance. I fear it’ll be the same with Biden.

Far too many of the people having fits over Trump’s defeat believe to their core that he was cheated out of winning the election. They don’t regard Biden, Harris and the incoming administration as political opponents, but as the enemy.

An enemy that denied the nation a free and fair election. An enemy which should not be handed power.

An enemy never to be accepted, even if it does take over the government.

An administration to be undermined at every turn because its opponents believe the country is behind Trump, and not the enemy.

That kind of thinking is going to motivate a Trump-inspired reaction that will stage hit-and-run political attacks against the incoming administration every step along the way. Mass intransigence in the Senate, should Republicans maintain control. Relentless rhetorical bombardments by a numerically strengthened House minority. Waves of resistance in GOP state legislatures.

And no telling what Trump’s hardcore supporters could do in the streets.