Biden is bringing back the daily briefing. Here's who is likely to be at the podium.

Kate Bedingfield is seen as having the inside track to become either White House communications director or press secretary. Symone Sanders could be offered the role of incoming press secretary, or slot into another position before winding up “at the podium” down the line, Biden aides and other people in and around the transition said…

Bedingfield was a rapid response director for the Obama White House beginning in 2009 and then, in 2011, served as an associate communications director in the White House. Over the course of the 2020 campaign, she was a frequent guest on cable TV and routinely led press calls and briefings.

The public-facing positions combined with her past White House experience would make her a natural first pick for work behind the lectern, allies said. But Bedingfield’s strategic role in the campaign suggests she could also serve as communications director. In that job, she would oversee the press secretary and formulate the administration’s broader communications strategy.