Steve Doocy: There's nothing to these claims about Dominion software and election fraud

It happened during a Fox & Friends interview with legal professor Jonathan Turley, who baselessly claimed that thousands of votes in Michigan had been changed by the aforementioned software. “In Michigan, you had thousands of votes that were given to Biden that belonged to Trump,” Turley claimed. “Now, that doesn’t mean it was a nefarious purpose. This is a new software that apparently is vulnerable to human error.”

“I looked into it,” Doocy opened, correcting the record. “With that Dominion software, five counties in Michigan and Georgia had problems,” Doocy added, apparently citing a New York Times report that came to the same conclusion. “And the Dominion software was used in two of the counties and in every instance largely it was human error, a problem, but the software did not affect the vote counts.”