Biden finds support among Republicans as Trump scrambles to contest the election

Sen. Susan Collins (Maine), a moderate Republican who won a tough reelection bid last week, said Biden needs to be briefed on classified intelligence — calling that process the “most important part of the transition” and one that can take place even as Trump contests the results in court.

“Like any apparent winner, he should have access to office space, federal employees, materials, supplies, whatever, but the standard assistance that the apparent winner receives,” Collins told reporters on Thursday. “That doesn’t in any way preclude President Trump from pursuing his legal remedies if he believes there are irregularities, but it should not delay the transition, because we want the president-elect — assuming he prevails — to be ready on day one.”

The acknowledgments came as Biden and his team continued to map out his transition, despite the lack of official certification from the General Services Administration that would unlock the resources and access to the federal government that Biden and his team will need to fully prepare for taking office on Jan. 20.