Employers need "COVID honesty" from employees

Zach Bombatch is a board member of the Southwestern Pa. Human Resources Organization and a labor law attorney. He says employers depend on employees being honest, so they can decide if they should be allowed in the workplace.

“With respect to symptoms or exposure I think a lot of employers are looking to their employees to let them know, and let the employer, make that decision,” he said. “There’s no what we call bright-line test meaning a definitive yes or no when an employee should tell the employer about symptoms or exposures.”

If you are not honest do you risk your job?

“Well there’s certainly that risk I mean that there would be representation that the employer is relying upon and employers rightfully expect honesty and as much disclosure as possible,” he explained. “I don’t think that anyone would necessarily get fired automatically for that but it really would not be a good scenario for anyone involved.”