The biggest losers: The Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project, a liberal Super PAC founded by shlubby white dudes who weren’t very good at sports growing up but compensated for that as adults by owning people on Twitter, went an abysmal 0-7 in key Senate races this cycle despite spending almost $12 million in support of Democratic candidates…

If the goal was to spend millions of dollars to pad the bank accounts of some shlubby white dudes and to produce some sick owns of Trump on social media, Lincoln Project donors certainly got their money’s worth. If the goal was to actually accomplish something meaningful, then no, they certainly did not.

Overall, the Lincoln Project raised $67 million in 2020 but only spent about two thirds of that amount ($47 million), which is totally reasonable. Because what would be the point of our political system if shlubby white dudes couldn’t get rich by pretending to have principles?