Lincoln Project enlists whistleblower Alex Vindman for anti-Trump DC ad buy

Over somber piano accompaniment, Mrs. Vindman describes feeling “threatened” after Vindman’s testimony during the President’s Impeachment.

“The most powerful man in the world came after our family,” she said. “What happened to us can happen to anyone.”

“This ad highlights a great American Army family that was threatened and attacked publicly by the most powerful man in the world for doing the right thing,” said Fred Wellman, a senior advisor with The Lincoln Project.

“We have heard Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Vindman’s story, but imagine being a mother trying to protect your young daughter from the vitriol and hate of the President of the United States and his enablers? They received dozens of threatening messages and letters, but more importantly, they received thousands of letters of support. The Vindmans know that those represent our nation far better than Donald Trump ever will.”

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