Poll: What voters thought of the dueling presidential town halls

Overall, 14% of registered voters said they watched President Trump’s town hall in Miami on NBC, 17% said they watched Biden’s on ABC in Philadelphia, and 15% of voters watched portions of both town halls. Viewership of the two events was predictably split along party lines — 31% of Democrats watched Biden exclusively and 28% of Republicans watched just Trump.

It appears Biden’s town hall was slightly more effective in swaying voters. Of those voters who watched both town halls, half (50%) said the Biden town hall made them view the former vice president somewhat or much more favorably, while 39% of those voters said so of the president.

Among those who watched both town halls, three in five (60%) thought Joe Biden was at least mostly honest, while a third (33%) thought he was mostly or completely dishonest. Half (50%) of those who watched both events perceived Trump as honest, while about as many (48%) said he was dishonest.