What we know – and don't know – about Hunter Biden's alleged laptop

Asked about the timeline of events detailed in the Post story, MacIsaac told CBS News that a man who identified himself as Hunter Biden dropped off three laptops to have them repaired in April 2019. He said the man never paid him for the repairs and did not return to pick them up.

Standing in his shop on Wednesday, MacIsaac admitted he was unable to confirm it was actually Hunter Biden who dropped off the laptop because he is “legally blind” and only realized it was the former vice president’s son when Hunter stated his name for the point of contact.

The Mac Shop is equipped with indoor cameras that preserve recordings for two months. MacIsaac said he did not realize the significance of the laptops until after the footage was automatically deleted.

MacIsaac also would not reveal when he first looked through the data, and refused to provide key details about his handling of the material.