Barrett emerges as the anti-Kavanaugh

Barrett has done absolutely nothing to endanger her support among the 51 Republicans needed to confirm her. With the Nov. 3 election just 20 days away, Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell can’t afford the slightest delay or misstep in the confirmation process. For Republicans, Barrett delivered.

And for Democrats feeling like they are about to win back the White House and the Senate majority, their strategy of effectively keeping the entire proceedings borderline dull has gone off without a hitch. Sure, Democrats made an unrelenting case that Barrett and the GOP want to dismantle Obamacare in the courts and that she’s closely tied to Trump.

But they gave Republicans no opportunity to create a viral moment similar to Graham’s angry speech in 2018. They’ve stayed far away from any criticism of her Catholic faith, despite GOP predictions to the contrary. Even vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, a sharp inquisitor, has largely stuck to the party’s script and launched into speeches on voting rights, health care and other issues intended to mobilize voters in November.

“They believe they’re in good shape politically, presidentially,” said Graham, the Judiciary Committee chairman facing a tough reelection bid. “And probably don’t want this hearing to rock that boat.”

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