Trump touts falconer’s Benghazi blood-sacrifice conspiracy theory

The bizarre theory, which is outre even by the standards of the right’s usual Benghazi claims, also alleges that Osama Bin Laden’s body-double, rather than the terrorist mastermind himself, was killed in 2011.

All those claims come from a falconer who says he uncovered secrets about Al-Qaeda, Iran, and U.S. intelligence in his work as a falconer for Middle Eastern power players…

Ordinarily, this latest iteration of the Benghazi conspiracy theory would remain confined to the wilder parts of the internet.

But Trump’s endorsement shot it to national prominence, fueling the bizarre allegations about blood sacrifice and Bin Laden body doubles. The tweet Trump reposted linked to an article about Parrot’s claims on a little-known website called “DHJH Media,” written by blogger Kari Donovan, who describes herself as an “ex-Community Organizer” who writes about “cultural marxism.”