Economic advisor filmed bashing Trump's "crappy" debate performance

“It was not a great performance by Trump; in fact, I thought it was a pretty crappy performance,” Moore told a crowd gathered in Washington earlier this month for the “Election Protection Summit” by the Trump-supporting FreedomWorks nonprofit organization.

Moore also conceded that Trump’s first debate against former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election was similarly “awful.”

“Oh my God, he was so bad in that debate, just awful,” Moore said at the Oct. 2 reception kicking off the conference in a video obtained by Wisconsin watchdog group Documented, which probes corporate influence on public policy…

But Moore said that Trump “rallied” and later “clobbered” Clinton in following debates, and that “that’s what’s going to happen” in Trump’s future face-offs with Biden — “God willing,” he added.

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