Chris Hayes: It's a "little nuts" that Pelosi is stalling on stimulus relief

“[Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)’s caucus hates the idea of passing a big rescue bill, and the House wants one, but the thing I can’t quite understand is that it seemed like there was a tentative deal at say $1.8 trillion between the White House and [Treasury Secretary Steve] Mnuchin and the speaker,” Hayes continued.

“And the speaker was on CNN today saying no, that’s not good enough, and that strikes a lot of people as a little nuts like, if that were the deal, wouldn’t you all take it?” he asked.

“Well, the speaker is right,” responded Schumer.

“First of all the $1.8 is not really the $1.8 that meets America’s needs. As she said, it contains all sorts of giveaways so the president can just give away money and leaves out huge numbers of things that are needed to help people,” claimed Schumer.