Trump could face nine major lawsuits upon leaving office

Some legal actions against Trump and his web of organizations have been successful. He and his children agreed to dissolve the Donald J. Trump Foundation after a New York state investigation found it had repeatedly lied about charity work.

Some have been settled in arbitration, like the 2018 lawsuit from Noel Cintron, Trump’s longtime driver, who alleged he was owed $200,000 in unpaid overtime. Other plaintiffs, like Alva Johnson, who said Trump kissed her without her consent at a rally in Florida in 2016, have dropped their lawsuits. “I’m fighting against a person with unlimited resources,” she told The Daily Beast after dropping the case in 2019.

“There’s going to be an accumulating number of these legal actions that are going to squeeze him more and more,” Eisen said. “It will be more intense if he’s not in the office and does not have the excuses of the presidency to block things. But in any event, he’s facing accountability.”

Here are nine ongoing lawsuits Trump still has to deal with.