North Carolina: Cunningham leads Tillis by 10 despite sex scandal

Cunningham now holds a 49-39 percent lead over Tillis, who is seeking a second six-year term. That lead is up from 47-40 percent in Cunningham’s favor from a WRAL News poll conducted four weeks earlier.

“It turns out the president, the governor and the Republican senator move in a sort of lockstep. and so, you can’t look at Tillis’ performance and Cunningham’s performance in isolation,” said Jay Leve, chief executive of SurveyUSA. “I think Tillis would prefer if he were on the ballot alone, and the governor’s race and the presidential race were not happening. Then the spotlight would be squarely on Cunningham’s performance.”

While Cunningham still holds a sizable lead among women at 54-37 percent, Tillis ate into part of that lead – it was 54-30 percent a month ago – by picking up support from women who had been undecided in the race. Meanwhile, Tillis’ 11-point lead among men from a month ago has evaporated, with Cunningham now holding a slight 45-43 percent edge.