Neither Biden nor Trump is worthy of a non-swing-state vote

Now that the world has been radically altered thanks to what I believe is a mostly moronic, panic-induced, and at least partly politically-driven overreaction to the coronavirus, I can no longer vote for Biden, especially since it is very likely that Democrats are going to control both Houses of Congress. As dramatically contrary to the conventional wisdom as it is, I actually concluded that, going forward, President Trump, whom I loathe more than ever, would actually be slightly better in reacting to the current state of the virus than Biden will be.

This is not because Trump handled Covid particularly well (I actually think he has responded horrendously, but for very different reasons than the news media does), but rather due to the fact that, unlike Biden, his political base is not going to demand that he play political games with the virus in order to prove how incredibly bad a job the other side did from the start. In short, Biden’s Covid “plan” (which really just consists of lots of “money” and “masks”) acts like we will go back to March of this year instead of accepting that it will be January 2021, takes orders from lockdown-lover Dr. Fauci, and then relies on nature and a vaccine to finally allow Democrats to claim, while pretending it was really the highly overrated magical power of mask mandates, that THEY finally defeated the coronavirus when Trump could not.

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