How Trump’s "enthusiasm factor" could lead to another surprise win on Election Day

“Their bond with Trump in most cases has only grown stronger, because of the bashing he has taken from the media elite, cultural elite, Hollywood, pro sports — everyone these people feel belittled by,” Allott told The Post. “The very fact he is getting attacked makes them his allies.”

That loyalty is the engine driving Trump supporters’ election-season outpourings, agreed flotilla boater Ryan.

“This guy is constantly getting dragged by a press that is so obviously leaning the other way,” Ryan said. “If everything was reported fairly, I don’t think you’d see this level of overt support. Because we wouldn’t feel like we had to.”

Voters tend to turn out more reliably, and in greater numbers, when they are enthusiastic about casting a ballot for their candidate — not when their prime motivation is an opponent’s defeat, Baris said.

In three out of the last five presidential races, the winner carried a strong enthusiasm advantage throughout the campaign. Trump in 2016 was one of those victors.