Trump-Pence is the only ticket for pro-life voters

Shifting the discussion from a matter of unborn life to female empowerment makes the Biden-Harris ticket appear as though they’re favorable to freedom. In reality, they are eager to make an already-permissive culture more accepting of the destruction of life.

Many voters on the Right remain frustrated with Trump’s behavior and rightly so. It is often harsh, arrogant, and most of all, it distracts from the real issues at hand, abortion included. The reality, however, is that Trump and Pence are committed to and unapologetically defend the unborn. In his first term, Trump established himself as one of the most pro-life presidents the country has ever known. It was a pleasant surprise since the president did not have an established history of being pro-life. On the other hand, Pence is well-known as pro-life and governed as such in his home state of Indiana.

Some conservative voters may hold their nose when voting for Trump on Election Day. But if one values the fundamental right to life, it is indefensible to support Biden for president. He will not be kind to the unborn, and his running mate is also radical on the issue.