Trump's closing argument: The unfairness never ends

They want to be the ones who are righteously aggrieved. They are sick of hearing about how Black Lives Matter. (“a terrible term, a racist term” – Trump). They are sick of hearing about the treatment of immigrants. They are sick of hearing about women who are sexually assaulted in the workplace by men like Donald Trump.

They want a victimization narrative they can make their own. And nobody is better at giving it to them than the boy from Queens who never got the respect he thought he deserved, even after he became President of the United States.

So without a real desire win over new people, but with a deep abiding sense of how unfair everyone has been to him his entire life, the president delivered the closing message of his campaign to the legions of Limbaugh stans:

I am a victim.

Of Maggie Haberman. Of the Deep State. Of Fox News. Of China. Of Black Lives Matter. Of everyone that you don’t like.

And if you want to be a victim too, let’s Make America Great Again, Again.