Trump's one hope to win Wisconsin

And yet as a long-time Waukesha resident, I find it hard to believe more and more of my friends and neighbors in Waukesha County are ready to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden. Perhaps it’s because they’re seeing how politics is directly affecting their quality of life.

Parents want to send their kids to school but can’t (or are afraid to) because of the Covid-19 virus. They’re afraid that even if they decide to send their kids to in-person instruction at school, the school might close down anyway, as they recently did in Kenosha.

My own daughter is reporting to me that teachers and her fellow students are speculating when, not if, her high school will close. They’re hoping to complete a theater project before either the school administration or Democratic Gov. Tony Evers orders the schools closed.

The same parents are afraid for their jobs in this shaky economy. A recent Marquette University Law School poll found that 45% of those living in the communities surrounding the city of Milwaukee, the normally Republican suburbs including the WOW counties, believe the economy has gotten worse in the last year.

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