Big ratings: More than 50 million watched VP debate

It’s no George H.W. Bush vs. Geraldine Ferraro from 1984 or even Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan in 2012, but viewership for the vice-presidential debate last night between Sen. Kamala Harris and Mike Pence has risen to 50.7 million.

With Fox News Channel topping all contenders with 11.5 million viewers, the first and only sit-down between the two candidates this year, the 2020 VP debate is the fifth best result that any VP debate has scored since they first started in 1976. Also, with the 1992 face-off between Dan Quayle, Al Gore and James Stockdale having snagged 51.2 million viewers, the Harris and Pence debate has a pretty good chance of moving into fourth place when all outlets are accounted for.