Why Trump should skip the Miami debate

Incredibly, Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace commended Wallace for his double-teaming of Trump and his thoroughly unprofessional and biased conduct throughout the debate. Their arrogance is sometimes hard to take.

The second debate will feature Steve Scully as a moderator. Scully worked for Biden, Jimmy Carter’s presidential campaign, and served as staff assistant to the late Senator Ted Kennedy. How much more partisan can you get? Additionally, the Presidential Commission on debates has announced ‘changes’ in their format which could include giving the moderator the capability to turn off the microphone of either candidate. This is a set-up with a biased moderator and a disadvantageous format. The President should wisely sidestep.

Now add to that the fact that the President is recovering from COVID-19. It is only reasonable to want the President to be on top form for any future debates. In 1960 Vice President Richard Nixon had banged his knee on a car door and developed a staph infection for which he had to be hospitalized just prior to the first debate with John F. Kennedy. Nixon arrived in Chicago looking exhausted, still running a fever and swimming in his shirt collars because he had dropped 10 pounds during his hospital stay. The debate was a visual disaster. Nixon looked as grey as his suit. JFK, who had been tanning himself on the roof-top of his Chicago hotel with two hookers, looked like a ‘bronzed god’ according to Theodore H. White.