House GOP antitrust report: "Big Tech is out to get conservatives"

“Any discussion of bias in Big Tech is incomplete without discussing Twitter,” Republicans wrote. “Yet, Democrats denied Republicans—and the American people—the opportunity to hear from Twitter.”

Republicans called out the platform’s 2018 “shadow-ban” of the committee’s Jordan and Gaetz along with then-North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows and California Rep. Devin Nunes. Each is among the most vocal conservatives in the lower chamber.

“Yet, Twitter did not ban a single Member of the 78-person Progressive Caucus,” Republicans complained.

The Republican report also hammered Google for its failed attempt to de-platform The Federalist in June allegedly for content in its comment sections despite Google-owned YouTube infamously hosting some of the most nefarious comment sections on the internet. Republicans highlighted the summer episode as a prime example of how the search engine can weaponize its monopoly power to suppress dissent in the 21st-century public square.