Michigan: Biden 48, Trump 39

Following the first debate of the 2020 election, Joe Biden has taken his largest lead of the Presidential race in Michigan, leading Donald Trump 48.0%- 39.2% — a lead of 8.8%. Trump has lost three points of support since the September post-convention survey.

There has been a major shift among voters over the age of 65 towards Joe Biden. Older voters now support Biden over Trump by a margin of 59.1%-29.2% — a nearly 30-point lead for Joe Biden. Biden led senior voters by 7.5% in the Post-Convention survey. Senior voters have shifted by 22 points since early September…

There has also been a shift among voters aged 50-64 that has long been a base of support for Donald Trump. In early September, Trump led these voters 51.8%-42.2 – a 9.6% advantage. Now the race is tied with both candidates at 46%.